02 Aug, 2023


The Euphoria Star Angus Cloud has passed away

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Response from the police

The Oakland Police and Fire Department responded to a 911 call made by Angus' mother on July 31 at around 11:45 a.m., according to a report later on Monday.

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Lower pulse rate

According to reports, she mentioned that he lacked a pulse and suggested that he had taken an excessive amount of medication. He was articulated dead on the scene, as per the power source.

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Battling for the life

A source likewise guaranteed that the entertainer had been battling 'serious self-destructive contemplations' after returning from an excursion to Ireland — the family had let his dad go there.

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Being with family

According to reports, Angus stayed with his family while dealing with his father's death. Follow factswow.com for more updates.

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Struggling with health issues

They addressed his apparent mental health struggles in a heartbreaking statement to the media.

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The strong battle

'Last week, he covered his dad and strongly battled with this misfortune,' they said in the proclamation

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The closest friend

The main solace we have is realizing that Angus is rejoined with his father, his closest companion.

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Loss of the young talent

Angus was open about his fight with psychological well-being, and we trust that his passing can be a suggestion to others that they are in good company and shouldn't peacefully battle this on their own.'

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The family of the star

Lastly, the rising young star's family acknowledged that they are still 'processing' his death.

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The humor made him remember.

'We hope the world remembers him for his humor, laughter, and love for everyone,' they said in their conclusion. We demand security at this point as we are taking care of this mind-boggling hardship.

Media Credits: Tom + Lorenzo

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