20 Mar, 2023


The Eras Tour Is Taylor Swift's Most Attended Concert Ever

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Journey Of The Singer

The singer has been hugely successful with her Eras Tour, which started at Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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The First Performance

Taytay, the singer of Back to December, officially holds the record for the highest-attended performance in the U.S. on the show's first day.

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The Crew Attended The Concert

Swift's Eras Tour is a 52-show tour throughout North America that began in Arizona. The first concert of the tour drew more than 69,000 people.

Media Credits: Boston Herald

Madonna's Performance In The U.S.A.

When Madonna performed at Anaheim Stadium in Los Angeles with a crowd of about sixty-three thousand in 1987, she was the female artist with the most attended concert in the U.S.A.

Media Credits: LiverpoolEcho

The Record Breaker 

This record is now being broken by Taylor Swift, with 69,000 in attendance at her first concert for the Eras Tour in Arizona.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

Hardworking Swift

Taylor Swift is being called one of the industry's most 'hardworking' artists after this concert, according to people who attended.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

Waiting For The Tickets

Many people using the ticket sale platform after the tour began to generate great excitement.

Media Credits: The Times

Happenings Of Taytay's Fans

As a result of the ticket increase in ticket pricing and errors in messaging, the parent company of Ticketmaster, Live Nation Entertainment, is being sued by Taytay's fans.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

Ticket's Penalty

Fans are seeking a $2500 fine from Ticketmaster for each antitrust violation, including intentional misrepresentation and breach of contract.

Media Credits: Yahoo

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