28 Mar, 2023


The Best Workouts For Your Lifestyle From Katie Austin

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Social Media Posts About Her Active Lifestyle

Katie Austin maintains a healthy, fun, and sustainable active lifestyle through her social media brand.

Media Credits: Reddit

Recipes And Workout Videos Are Shared

Her Instagram and TikTok accounts have 1.5 million followers combined, where she shares workout videos and delicious recipes.

Media Credits: Reddit

We will Discuss Swim Week

Austin sat down with BFF and fellow co-Rookie of the Year Christen Harper during Miami Swim Week to discuss how often she works out.

Media Credits: Reddit

Feel Good By Being Active

Despite only working out 15 to 20 minutes a week on average, the 29-year-old believes it is important to move his body and be active to feel good and stay positive.

Media Credits: Pinterest

First Appearance In SI Swimsuit

Her debut in SI Swimsuit came last year after she was discovered in 2021 through SI Swim Search, run by the sports magazine Swimsuit International.

Media Credits: Dreamstime.com

Feeling Accomplished And Energized

In addition, she noticed how energetic she felt after working out, especially when tired. Despite not feeling like working out this morning, I was energized and accomplished.

Media Credits: Katie Austin

A Website With Workouts

Besides hosting her podcast, Austin AF, and writing a healthy living column for SI Swimsuit, Austin shares in-depth lifestyle content, recipes, and workouts on her website.

Media Credits: New York Post

The Health Industry Is My Passion

Austin says she's passionate about health and wellness as part of her mission to make each girl feel her best.

Media Credits: Prevention

Stay On Top Of Your Routine

If you exercise regularly, eat healthily, and stick to a good routine, you will feel your best self.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Swimsuits From Sports Illustrated

In addition to being a role model for what to put in your body and how to treat your body, being a part of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit makes me very happy.

Media Credits: SI Swimsuit-Sports lllustrated

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