A Decade Long Friendship Between Swift & Joey Proofs Shown On Stage

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Eras Tour earning billions of dollars

Taylor Swift’s most anticipated tour Eras Tour has sold up to more than million tickets. The tickets cost skyrocketing $258 and the earnings are expected to be more than a billion and is stated as the highest income generated tour in history. Joey King, who is also considered as Swift’s lifelong friend, shared her on stage experience with Taylor Swift during her Eras Tour. She was in Kansas City, Missouri where Swift performed on stage on July 7th. Joey has also been a part of her music video I can see you

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The most anticipated performance for Swift fans

Success of Eras tour was no less than a shock and surprise as Swift had managed everything so well from her sparkly and shiny outfits perfectly matched for each performance to surprising the audience with the selection of her songs. Swift is turning no stone unturned to make sure her fans are content and do not feel any disappointment that they have paid so much. She is trying her best to make her fans feel out of the world during her concert.

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Celebrities also swaying during the concert

Not only is she asking her fans to be happy she is also inviting famous celebrities to her concert who are equally enjoying on stage and off-stage performances. Emma Stone, Shania Twain and Laura Dern were seen off stage present in the crowd cheering for Swift. Joey King has been friends with Taylor Swift for more than a decade and Swift has proved the strength of their friendship by casting Joey in her music video and asking her to perform with her on stage too.

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The kissing booth winning hearts

Joey King at a young age of 24 has won People’s choice award for her role in The kissing booth a show that was telecasted on Netflix. The show has been praised by lots of admirers and has been in the headlines of numerous papers and films. The show has earned up to $3 million. Joey shared her thoughts about appearing in Swift’s music video by saying that she does not do music videos and the last that she did was years ago. She recalls her memorable experience of doing the music video after so many years saying it was a huge stretch for her.

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Decade long friendship

While sharing her fairy tale experience, she explains how magical the moment was as a rainbow cloud was over her head. Joey also got her hair cut for the video and she was unbelievably excited about it. Joey said great things about Swift mentioning how lovely she is and how much Taylor takes care of Joey.

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