Singer ‘Ciara’ Expects Her Fourth Child

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The Grammy-Winning, Ciara

Ciara, a renowned name as a Grammy-winning singer, is now predicting her fourth baby. This will be Singer's third child with her husband, Russell Wilson.

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Ciara announced the news

Ciara has broken the news in a video statement through an Instagram story. She revealed a picture of her pregnant silhouette standing before a water pool. Keep following Factswow.com to discover the latest trends.

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Chris Brown

Ciara captioned on a video stating that you look at her again, we make one more kid. You're my heart, and I am your rib. The video clip is recorded through her 2023 collaboration of 'How we Roll' with Chris Brown.

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Win Harrison Wilson

The couple, Wilson and Ciara, shared their second baby, Win Harrison Wilson, who took birth in July 2020. Stay informed by checking out Factswow.com regularly.

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Sienna Princess Wilson

Ciara and Wilson had their first kid in 2017, named 'Sienna Princess Wilson.' The Singer Ciara also has a 9-year-old son, and his name is Future Zahir, from the rapper, Future.

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‘How We Roll’ Video

Ciara has been traveling and working during her pregnancy time. She took a snap of the ‘How We Roll’ video when she got pregnant. She danced on the set all day long to take a shot for a full day. She took a shot when she was pregnant with her son, Win, at nine months.

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Ciara feels Energized

The level of energy she possesses during pregnancy is truly remarkable. Ciara is a mother who feels energized during her pregnancy period. Her lifestyle is often described as organized chaos, yet she elevates this organized disorder to a whole new level.

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Memorable and Sweet Time

Ciara loves what she’s doing. This is what she’s always eyed for, and Russ also. The couple wanted to have many kids. The family has arrived for summer travel that the singer described as a ‘memorable and sweet’ time for everyone.

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A Conscious Effort

Such enjoyable moments, like traveling and being a family, are significant for Ciara. She treasures the value of these occasions by making a conscious effort, including family dinners. With Russ not involved in football, they purposefully ensure these family moments occur during the summer.

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