Secrets Unveiled: Taylor Swift's Master Plan for '1989 (Taylor's Version)' Announcement!

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Taylor disclosed the re-record of her 2014 album, 1989, following the release of her Speak Now Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version), excited Swifties. In Los Angeles she made the statement during her concert.

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In her tour she said my expectations has surpass, by the support from all of you when I declared my plans to re-record my first six albums

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The excitement among her fans exceeded since she made an announcement of 1989 (Taylor's Version)

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During her concert Swift expressed to the crowd You embraced and celebrated this decision. Your constant support means so much to me.

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Taylor Swift's master recordings

In March 2021 Swift release Wildest Dreams ,and the first 1989, which was highly praised by fans in October 2014

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Along with its dynamic and '80s-inspired sound and its smooth and galvanized production, This album made her official entry into pop music and her first collaboration with Antonoff.

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Swift re-recorded her albums

Swift only confirmed the news on Wednesday, 1989 (Taylor's Version) re-recording is on the way, after she already released Speak Now in July, Fearless In April 2021, and Red in November 2021

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Fans anticipated Swift's recent activities.

About the release of 1989 re-recording, fans had already started guessing even before Taylor Swift made any formal announcement. This supposition was stoke up by the release of 'Wildest Dreams in March 2021

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Original 1989 in Taylor Swift's career

The original '1989' album engraved her official entry into pop music and win the second Album of the Year Grammy Swift earned and accomplished nine-times platinum status

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Swift fascinates her audience

1989 is coming your way! Swift messaging to her fans.I am excited to declare that my endemic version of it will be released on October 27th

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She expressed through her social media channels that The 1989 album has had a heartfelt influence on her life.and this is my most favorite re-recording that I have ever done

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The 5 previous Vault tracks will also be unreleased as a re-record album. Swift fascinates the audience

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