Rihanna Feels Like a Proud Mom; She Welcomes a Second Baby!

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Mother of two!

Two children have been born to Rihanna. In the first few days of August 2023, Grammy, 35, gave birth to a son, her second child.

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A new baby is arriving!

The new baby was born on August 3 in Los Angeles after the delivery had been kept secret for weeks. Although the artist has not yet made an official announcement, the publication said that the baby's name would begin with 'R' and that he will be a boy.

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She is expecting her second child!

On February 13, the 'Please Don't Stop The Music' hitmaker surprised fans during her Halftime show that she was expecting her second child with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

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Baby boy into the world!

The couple's baby boy was born on May 13, 2022, just nine months before the couple received the pregnancy announcement. Given how busy she was with her first pregnancy, it is not surprising that she expected to 'Work' throughout her second.

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Dream of being a mom!

On November 11, 2022, the source stated, 'Rihanna always dreamt of being a mom, and she takes a lot of satisfaction in it. She aspires to eventually have more kids with A$AP.

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Thrilled to be parents again!

The insider continued that ASAP, and Rihanna is overjoyed to have children again. They adore their family and are happy to welcome a new addition.

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Busy momma!

Being a working mother, Rihanna can only manage with assistance. A$SAP 34 is the originator of Fenty Beauty's steadfast ally.

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Amazing dad and a good partner!

He is such a wonderful partner and father to her; without him, she couldn't accomplish everything. She has assembled a close-knit group of co-workers she can rely on to assist her in managing every part of her professional life so she can spend most of her time working on all the creative chores.

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