17 Mar, 2023


Reintroducing WWE's Nikki And Brie Garcia By Saying Goodbye To Nikki And Brie Bella

By FactsWow Team

The New Beginning

A new era has begun for the Bella Twins! The Bella names and titles will be lost with Nikki and Brie Bella leaving WWE. 

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Relieving Announcement

In their most recent podcast, the twins disclosed that they would no longer work for WWE. Instead, they will become known collectively by their birth names, Nikki and Brie Garcia.

Media Credits: Good Morning America

The New Name Of The Twins

Now that we are officially the Garcia Twins, Brie and Nikki Garcia, Nikki said on the podcast there would be a new show called Nikki & Brie.

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Decision To Go Further

Until our WWE contract came up, we all saw that we just needed to move forward with this new chapter, as we are mothers, entrepreneurs, executive producers, stars, and hosts.

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How Did The Word Twin Come?

As of August 2008, only Brie Bella debuted on the main roster. She was replaced by Nikki after rolling out of the ring and going under it, which became known as 'Twin Magic.'

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The Long History

Returning to WWE, the Bellas joined the Total Divas cast a year after their release in 2012. Her reign as WWE Divas Champion on the show was the longest in the series' history.

Media Credits: TV Insider

Felt Thanks For The Character

As Brie reflected on their time as Bellas, she said: 'Thank you, Brie Bella. It has been a pleasure being Brie Bella, the character, the name, everything... I'm so excited to close this chapter and get to work on a new book with Brie Garcia.'

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Nikki's Inspirational Message

As Nikki Garcia said, I'm so grateful for Nikki Bella. She empowered me, inspired me, and made me fearless. She prepared the road that Nikki Bella had paved.

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Thank You!

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