09 Jan, 2023


Prince Harry's Memoirs: 'War Room' Created To Protect The Royal Family From Attacks

By FactsWow Team

Evoking the British royal family

Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare,' scheduled to hit stores on Tuesday, January 10, has prompted senior advisors of the British royal family to create a war room, the equivalent of a defense department.

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Update regarding the Christmas

As per a source, who cites sources close to the royal family, the situation has been discussed since they had a Christmas meeting.

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Expectations of King Charles III's speech

It has been so uncomfortable because of the youngest son of King Charles III that the government has developed a plan to handle both what he revealed in his book and what he will talk about in the two interviews, one in the US (on '60 Minutes') and one in the UK (on ITV).

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Concern for the family

Additionally, Harry will appear on 'The Late Show' with Stephen Colbert and has been interviewed by Good Morning America. An insider said that Harry would retell a very personal moment in their lives, and they were concerned about that.

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Harry thought about William

Harry is an easy target. Harry knows William will not retaliate, so William is a sitting duck.

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William's actions toward family

The source stated that William, who has kept quiet for his family and the country, continues to take hits in a cruel, cowardly, and very sad manner.

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Looking into the comment section

Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace officials have declined to comment on the book, just as they declined to comment on the couple's Netflix show, 'Harry & Meghan.

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