04 Jan, 2023


Prince Harry Revealed New Allegations Against Royal Family

By FactsWow Team

Prince Harry

Prince Harry shared his truth. After the release of his biography, Spare releasing on 10th January. To promote his biography, Harry attended two interviews in which he discussed the tense connection with his family and his decision to speak out about the falsely published stories of him and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Media Credits: Glamour

Briefings and planting Stories

Harry said he tried to make it confidently, but there have been leaks, briefings, and planting of the tales against his spouse and himself. His family's sole motto is 'never explain and never complain.' It is just a hypothesis that does not hold in real life.

Media Credits: Esquire

Netflix Docuseries

Harry highlighted that the royal family is protected by the media for wrong narratives, echoing the previous claim and revealed in one of the Netflix docuseries of 'Harry & Meghan.'

Media Credits: Town & Country Magazine

Spoon-fed information

Harry said that through leaks, the correspondent had a speech and conversation with spoon-fed information and penned down a story. The whole story was about Buckingham Palace.

Media Credits: Elle

Prince Harry's Update

Prince Harry, in the interview, shared how he stands behind his father, King Charles III, and brother, Prince William. He said that he doesn't want an institution but a family. Harry likes to get his father and brother back, and they never go in for a reconciliation.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan.com

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