Prince Harry And King Charles 'Peace Talks' Are Not Happening

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Peace Talks

The 'Peace Talks' between the father, King Charles III, and his son, Prince Harry, are not taking place as the sources reveal. It was a speculation by a father and son to meet on September 17.

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No Summit at Balmoral

Despite recent speculation, 'peace talks' between the two aren't on the agenda for September, according to sources close to the royal family. There may not be a summit at Balmoral, nor any meeting with Queen Camilla or the Prince and Princess of Wales in the coming months.

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The Father-Son Duo

It was earlier noticed that the father-son duo will arrange a time to plan a meeting on September 17 which will concur at the end of the Invictus Games Trip of Harry at Dusseldorf of Germany and a return of King to London from the Balmoral place.

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King Charles

As King Charles is expected to return to London from Balmoral in the middle of September, Harry's Invictus Games trip to Dusseldorf will end around the same time, fueling speculation about a possible reconciliation or peace talks.

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Rescheduled An Official Visit

The King has rearranged an official trip to France on September 20. So, he has a few days to spend in London for a meeting with his beloved son. The Staff is trying to adjust the information as it speaks about.

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Reunion Of Father And Son

The sources' scoffed' at the reports that the King and his son would bring together and clean the air on September 17. It's not a reason that shows a deficiency of wanting peace. Reveal the most trending news at Factswow.com and keep updated with the ongoing trends.

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Buckingham Palace

As King Charles is firmed to arrange an essential state visit on September 20 to France, the insiders of Buckingham Palace have discharged the idea of occurring any physical meeting.

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Duke of Sussex

Despite open dialogue between the King and the duke, Prince William is not reportedly interested in any discussion. The future of the relationship between the royal family and Harry remains to be determined, as reconciliation efforts are supposedly not in progress for the time being.

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Prince William's Friend

One friend of Prince William told the outlet that he feels like betraying what Harry wrote about him in a book of 'Spare' to streamline on Netflix. There were close growing-ups, so it has been a painful experience for William.

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Prince Phillip Funeral

Despite King Charles' openness to dialogue with Prince Harry, there's reportedly no chance of a meeting with Prince William anytime soon due to ongoing tensions between the brothers after a contentious secret meeting following Prince Phillip's funeral.

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Charles Is Less Lenient With Harry

The relationship between King Charles and Prince Harry has strained over the years, leading to the removal of Harry's 'HRH' honorific from the royal website. Charles has reportedly become less lenient, leaving a potential reconciliation attempt with Harry in limbo.

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