06 Jan, 2023


Prince Harry: It Was Kate Middleton And William's Idea For Me To Dress In Nazi Costume

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Main persons of costume donning

The Prince of Wales has expressed the sentiment that his brother, Prince William, and his sister-in-law, Princess Kate Middleton, were the main reasons he donned a Nazi costume at one time.

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Party time together

When he saw the Prince and Princess of Wales at the 2005 party, the Duke of Sussex said they howled with laughter.

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Harry's costume

As a 20-year-old, Harry wore a red armband with a big swastika on his front page, dressed like a Nazi soldier. As part of the 'Native and Colonial' theme for the costume party, William was dressed as a lion, wearing a homemade dress.

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He shared his thoughts about a costume

Harry reveals in one segment of the book that he struggled over whether it was a pilot uniform or a Nazi uniform he chose. He writes that when he tried it on at home, Willy and Kate howled. It was worse than Willy's leotard outfit. It was ridiculous. That was the point, Harry continues.

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Harry's point of view

According to book sources, Harry will cover his fallout with his older brother after the storm, his stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles, and his stepmother Kate.

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Harry's mistake, as per the report

A senior publishing source who has read Harry's 'Spare' said that the Duke of Sussex has referred to the Nazi incident as 'one of the biggest mistakes of my life' the author feels strongly about William's role in the scandal, even though you would think he would take ownership and move on.

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Robert Lacey's statement

Despite helping choose the outfit, William was forced to carry the brunt of public outrage over his Nazi costume, according to Royal Historian Robert Lacey.

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How he chose the costume?

Harry chose his costume with the help of his elder brother, King William V. During his journey to Highgrove (Charles' country home), Lacey laughed along with his younger sibling and continued to the party with him.

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Question for the brother

'Harry began to question the involvement of his elder brother and the unfairness of William's subsequent appearance smelling like roses after the incident,' according to the book.

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Lacey, about William and Harry

According to Lacey, William coaxed Harry into errant and self-destructive behavior 'because he made him feel resentful and alienated.'

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