Popstar, Pink, Announced New Dates For Australian Tour

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Pop Star, Pink

The famous Pop star, Pink, has made a major announcement on her 'Summer Carnival tour' for Down Under. Stay in touch with Factswow.com to remain informed about the daily happenings of your beloved artist.

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The American Singer

The American Singer has disclosed that she and Aussie ARIA Winner Tones will participate in her next Australian Tour, which will be held in February and March.

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Pink Will add two extra Shows

A renowned pop artist, Pink, who gained a huge fan base from Australia, has announced that she'll add two additional shows for those individuals who've missed it out while the first round of tickets went on selling before this year.

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Pink's caption on Instagram

Pink posted on Monday through an Instagram, 'Hey! Australia! I am adding another two more shows for Summer Carnival Tour 2024'. Does anybody guess what else it's? Tones and Pink will participate for the whole Tour. Pink couldn't wait to see pretty faces soon.

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The New dates for Tour

The new dates for the Australian Tour are the fourth of the Melbourne Concert that'll be held at Marvel Stadium on March 13th. A gig will be performed at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville on March 23rd.

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The Townsville Concert

The upcoming Townsville concert will mark the final appearance of Pink in Australia when a new date of March 19th is decided to grasp the eyeballs of Brisbane fans and followers. The Live Nation presale tickets will be there from August 17th onwards.

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Live Nation and General Tickets

Melbourne's Fans with a valid Live Nation access code can buy their tickets to Pink's upcoming Australian Tour starting from 11 am, while those in Townsville can purchase their tickets from noon. General tickets will become available for purchase on August 18th.

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Comedian Rove McManus

The big news that 'Pink' and Tones will join the Tour and the upcoming dates had been added, making wild to the Aussie Pink fans. A comedian Rove McManus wrote that we are coming for you. Can't wait more. Catch the latest review from Factswow.com and learn more.

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Fans were ecstatic for the Tour

A fan thrilled when it was declared that a date in Townsville had been added to Pink's upcoming Australian Tour. He said, 'This is vast for regional Queensland,' and praised the singer for always thinking of her fans, adding, 'Pink, you really do love your fans, and we love you back.'

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Pink and Tones posted on Instagram

Pink and Tones have shared the tour news over the Instagram account. Pink posted that she is finally, after two years, making a tour of her home country again. She commented, 'Let's go, guys. The new dates have been added.

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