Patricia Clarkson’s Wonderful Explanation For Not Marrying Or Having Kids

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Actress Patricia Clarkson has finally come out to give candid reasons why she has never gotten married or had children. In a recent interview, the much-loved actress stated her decision was because she knew herself and what was best for her. She went on to proclaim that she had a “great sexy-ass life.”

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Patricia Clarkson who is currently 68, spoke about her personal life on iHeartPodcast’s Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi, describing herself as a “single, straight Southern woman who never married and never had children.”As one of five beautiful daughters of her parents, Clarkson explained that she already had a fulfilling childhood, and being an aunt to all her sisters’ children was an added icing on the cake.

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In the interview she stated; “I love being an aunt, I love it more than — probably more than acting, which is odd. They’re on par. But I’m telling you, these are gorgeous children, but that doesn’t have to define every woman,” she said.

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Clarkson further shocked everyone when she said she has at one point considered the idea of having children and getting married to one of an ex-partner, an undisclosed artist which she dated in her late 30s but she was afraid of the commitment that would demand from her.

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In her exact words; “I had a window to have a child, but [at] the end of the day I loved working, and I grew up with great parents who sacrificed everything for me, And you have to really be committed to having children. You have to be a great parent, and I was afraid I couldn’t be.” Clarkson said she did not “want to fail at being a parent … I’m fine failing as an actor. I didn’t want to fail at being a parent.”

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Clarkson also went deeper, revealing that her decision to remain single caused her parents to worry at the initial time, and her mother at one point sat her down and said to her; “Patty, I just don’t want you to wake up at 50 and be unhappy.’ I woke up at 50 in stilettos and a thong! I’ve had a great sexy-ass life.”

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“And it’s not that my whole life is that,” she continued. “I love being an aunt, I love being a sister, I love being a daughter, I love being a great best friend. I’m a very good friend, I think. It’s not what I wanted to define me because I didn’t want to fail.” Clarkson is not the first big Hollywood star to speak on never having children. Just early this year Tara Reid also made similar statements.

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Back in June, American Pie actress Tara Reid, 47, said she thought her acting career would have been “bigger” had she settled down and had a baby. “I think, in Hollywood, if you don’t have kids or you’re not married, you’re judged,” she said. “So they still think you’re that party girl from 40 years ago.”

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In April, actress Heather Graham, 53, told People magazine that she was at peace with never having married or had children.

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“I think we all have different paths,” she told the outlet. “You just have to embrace the one that you’re on. If, somehow, I had had kids, I’m sure that would’ve been cool. But at the moment, not having kids, I do feel free. And I get a lot of sleep. That is pretty great.”

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Graham, said she believed that “if you’re meant to have kids, you have kids.” If not, she notes, “the universe gives you someone or something to nurture.”

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