Paris Fury Is Pregnant: Soon To Welcome Baby Number 7, Watch Photos

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Tyson Fury who is a popular boxer and has won matches with great victory . The couple, Tyson Fury and Paris Fury are happy to share that they are about to welcome their 7th child very soon.

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Paris who is 34 years old and has six children, they confirmed the news themselves by sharing a delightful post on Instagram on the daay of Thursday in which they share the news of being pregnant together and welcoming their 7th baby.

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Fury is a very famous weight lifter and have won a number of titles in the world, he has won 4 heavyweight world titles that makes him well known.

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He did not stop here, instead she has been in heavy training to do a match against Oleksander who is a great lifter too for a very long time. He was getting trained for the match but when the terms and condition of the match opens up before the couple at the time of signing the agreement, they did not agree the conditions with unknown reasons and now the match has been cancelled due to this reason between the two great champions which was going to be held on 29th of April.

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The Husband of Paris shared an instagram post when he went for a date night with his wife, on the post he stated, “I was at a date night with my pregnant wife, who is beautiful and he could not stop loving her more.”

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He share more happiness about that night by saying, “ I am happy as the seventh chil of mine is about to come in this world, and this news from my wife is enough to make me excited and happy.”

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Paris who is 33 years old and beautiful, has also reshard her husband’s Insta post while captioning it with “The couple’s baby number 7 is due and can be in this world soon.”

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The couple already have six numbers of children whose names are Venezuela wo is 13 years old, Johns James who is 1o years old, Tyson who is six years old, Valencia who is five, Adonis whose age is four years and the last little one ATena, her age is 20 months only.

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They both have a very strong bond with each and had great understanding since they were teenagers, then fall in love, and decided to gt married in the year 2008.

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The welcoming of seventhe child rumours is circulationg on social media since they celebrated new years together and posted a picture of their family with a Christmas tree.

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When they posted the picture, fans noticed something about Tyson’s hand which was seen on Fury’s Belly and from here, the social media got an hint of them being pregnant again. But tht time in the comments she was not ready to accept that thing and she did not agree and denied of the news of her being expecting

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