Paramore Tour Cancelled: Hayley Williams' Health Alert

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Hayley Williams

The renowned rock band, Paramore, has canceled two dates of their North American tour due to ongoing health issues of lead singer Hayley Williams, specifically a lung infection.

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Hayley Williams' Health Struggles

On August 10, the message was conveyed through the Instagram story of Hayley Williams, explaining her health and how the tour impact negatively her health. The band rescheduled the canceled shows at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland and the Delta Center in Salt Lake City. The 'This Is Why' tour, which began in October supports their sixth album.

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Rescheduled and Canceled Shows

Paramore faced problems because of the health issue of Hayley Williams. The “This is Why” tour, first kicked off in October to support the band's sixth album, with the passage of time William's health progress was the main concern. The tour postponed its series of shows in July due to Williams' lung infection.

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For Compensating, the band rescheduled concerts in Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City, giving William time to recover. The canceled shows were performed at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland and the Delta Center in Salt Lake City. William’s gravity of the situation, mentioning her lungs were not healing quickly was enough to keep up with the tour's demands.

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Disappointment for Fans and Refunds

Shows cancellation undoubtedly brought disappointment to fans, who were eagerly waiting for Paramore's performances. While camping out in Portland, Williams apologized for the chaos caused and expressed her sincere efforts for recovery to deliver the tour. The band promised to release an official statement and to provide reassurance to fans for finding a solution. From the official website of Paramore, funds are returned to the fans who purchased tickets.

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Future Plans and Recovery

Paramore will resume their rescheduled shows after Hayley Williams's recovery. The band continues to entertain fans by going on roads, despite of cancellation of North American tour dates. The “This Is Why” tour resumed with six performances in Australia and New Zealand in November.

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The band perform in New York City in the future, with a strong intention to continue, once Williams recovered fully. Williams shared that she had been on antibiotics and steroids to recover from illness before the tour dates in Houston and Los Pushing herself is not a sustainable option for her health, her body needs to avoid risking long-term damage.

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