04 Aug, 2023


Oscar Nominated Director Opens Up about Lizzo: Claims She Was Treated with Disrespect By the Singer

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About LIzzo

Lizzo is a famous plus-size singer, best known for her body positivity videos and health talks aimed at inspiring women to be comfortable with their bodies.

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Unfolding Controversy

But this image seems to be crumbling down. In a recent turn of events, a few of her backup dancers sued the Singer for sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

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Support from Sophia Nahil

Following this suit, Sophia shared her own story supporting the claims of the backup dancers as she experienced Lizzo's hostility.

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About Sophia Nahil Allison

Sophia is a well-renowned documentary producer famous for her Oscar Nominated documentary "A Love For Latasha" created in 2019.

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Shocking Exposé

According to Sophia, she once worked with Lizzo on her documentary 'Love, Lizzo' however the singer's hostility and poor treatment of others caused her to walk out barely two weeks later.

Media Credits: The Today Show

Lizzo's Attitude

She mentioned that Lizzo was fond of belittling others, especially dark-skinned women, and often made racist and narcissistic comments.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

A facade

As many believed the star was a kind person, Sophia added that all the body positivity and happiness talk was a facade built by Lizzo's team to portray her in a better light.

Media Credits: National Law Review


Sophia also added that Singer was highly racist and constantly undermined the work of other black and brown-skinned women in the industry. Which caused her to leave the documentary creation.

Media Credits: The Columbia Chtonicle

The documentary

This claim was backed up as Lizzo's documentary which was published by HBO was later directed by Doug Pray a Cis White man.

Media Credits: Harper's BAZAAR

Fake Love

The fake Love, expressed by Lizzo has led her to be the idol of many plus-size women out there. But it seems that this Controversy might soon reveal who she truly is.

Media Credits: Saturday Night Live Wiki-Fandom

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