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Oscar De La Hoya's Family Guide: Meet His 6 Children and Their Mothers

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Becoming a dad to the child

De La Hoya's genealogy isn't anything if confounded: however, he started dating Shanna Moakler in 1997; he originally became a dad when ex Toni Alvarado brought forth their child Jacon in 1998. Know more about Oscar De La Hoya from factswow.com.

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Looking for the child

After nine months, Angelique McQueen, seeing the fighter around a similar time, brought forth their child, Devon. The next year, De La Hoya and Moakler invited the girl Atiana.

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Meeting in the public

In a 2009 meeting with Battle Publicity, McQueen reviewed when she discovered De La Hoya had a romance with Moakler.

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Commitment was canceled

Following four years of dating, Moakler and De La Hoya canceled their commitment in 2000. In 2004, Moakler continued with ex-Travis Barker.

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Moving forward toward mentor

As the pair had their own offspring, Barker moved forward to mentor Atiana while De La Hoya was immediately missing from his little girl's life.

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Broadcast done digitally

De La Hoya drilled down into his feelings of trepidation about being a father when he was more youthful during a July 2022 episode of the 'Allison Meetings' digital broadcast.

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The youngster who is memorable

In February 1998, Oscar invited his most memorable youngster with Alvarado. Jacob, who likewise has a more seasoned relative named Corrie Gamboa on his mother's side, moved on from USC in 2020 and works in media tasks.

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Welcome to the little one

Oscar and Corretjer invited their subsequent kid, a little girl named Nina, in December 2007 to Puerto Rico.

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Last child of De La Hoya

Victoria Lauren Rose, the most youthful little girl of Oscar and Corretjer, was brought into the world in January 2014.

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