10 Mar, 2023


Oscar 2023 | The Top Oscar Nominees & Other Contenders For This Year

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The Power Of The Dog

Jane Campion's The Power Of The Dog 2022 won 12 Oscar nominations, but it was only sometimes the key to success. In 2022, CODA won the most awards, including Best Picture. Even so, Jane made history as the third woman to win Best Director.

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Lady Gaga & Rihanna

Music categories are mixed this year. Both former Best Original Song winners, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, are battling for Best Original Song, but 'Naatu Naatu,' from RRR, has been on the rise for quite some time. After winning the Globes, the song went viral.

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Ana De Armas

Her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde earned her her first Academy Award nomination, a controversial film, with many people calling it a disrespectful portrayal. Still, she was undeniably powerful in the role.

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Jamie Lee Curtis & Michelle Yeoh

With Everything Everywhere All At Once, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh finally got recognition. In the supporting category, Jamie Lee received a nomination as IRS Inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre. The Fabelmans, with Cate Blanchett (Tár), Ana de Armas (Blonde), Andrea Riseborough (To Leslie), and Michelle Williams (The Fabelmans), will compete against Michelle.

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Ke Huy Quan

When Ke Huy Quan was a kid, he played Shortround in There is also Data in The Goonies (1985) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). This is his first Oscar nomination since he returned to acting after a long time out of the spotlight in 2021 as the husband in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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Austin Butler & Brendan Fraser

The all-in Elvis Presley portrayal in Elvis made Austin Butler the Best Actor for the first time. As an actor, Brendan Fraser has spent most of his career in comic roles. For the first time, he is nominated for an Oscar.

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Jimmy Kimmel

His third time hosting the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel will be on stage on March 12. In November 2022, he joked about the role. For a third time, hosting the Oscars can be a great honour or a trap. I am thankful that the Academy asked so quickly after everyone else said no.'

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The Banshees Of Inisherin

There were nine nods for the tragicomedy The Banshees Of Inisherin, which centres around Colin Farrell and Barry Keoghan's dark yet funny friendship. During the Irish Civil War, the film competed for Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin), Best Supporting Actor (Barry), Best Directing, and Best Writing. Box Office Mojo estimates the film took $29 million at the box office.

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All Quiet On The Western Front

With its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2022, All Quiet On The Western Front has become a riveting anti-war drama adapted from a 1929 text. In addition to Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Writing, All Quiet On The Western Front earned nine Oscar nominations.

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Everything Everywhere, All At Once

With 11 nominations, it won Best Picture. Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis received their first Oscar nominations. Box Office Mojo reports a box office take of $104m for Everything Everywhere in 2022.

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