03 Aug, 2023


North Carolina man credits rapper Post Malone for helping him win a $100k lottery prize

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Post Malone

Post Malone is a famous rapper and singer much loved by his fans for his uniqueness and artistic vibes. His famous song 'Congratulations' has inspired several of his fans around the world.

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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. Filled with beautiful sceneries and beaches. It is currently rated as one of the most populated state in USA.

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Lottery Prize

The lottery prize of $100,000 shocked everyone as this kind of win only happens like once in 10 years. Yet on the faithful day of the Post Malone concert, this fit was achieved by one of his fans.

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Winner of the lottery

Zachary Sharpe who won the lottery is a resident of Thomasville, North Carolina. He is a huge fan of Post Malone and a proud father and husband who loves his family dearly.

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Post Malone concert

Post Malone Concert was held on Saturday, July 29th in Charlotte, however, because of a heavy thunderstorm the concert was delayed. Yet despite the delay, fans still praised Post Malone for his wonderful performance.

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Buying the ticket

After the concert, Zachary and his family embarked on their journey back home much later than expected because of the delay experienced during the show. In a bid to relieve himself, Zachary stopped in a convenience store in Lexington, where he impulsively bought the lottery tickets.

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Winning Ticket

While waiting for his family to come out from the restroom. Zachary started scratching the lottery tickets which he had bought. The first ticket won him $300, the second ticket $30 and the last ticket which was a black titanium ticket, won him the $100,000.

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Surprise and Shock

Looking at the ticket in his hand, Zachary could not believe his eyes and stood in shock for several minutes. When his family saw the tickets, they also stood speechless not believing the miracle that had found them.

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Claiming his prize

Zachary Sharpe, happily claimed his prize after much excitement on Monday from the North Carolina Lottery headquarters in Raleigh, where he promptly received the cheque for his once in a lifetime win.

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Happiness and Gratefulness

As Zachary received the price, he expressed his joy and excitement and continued to express his heartfelt thanks to Post Malone for giving him a reason to be at that convenience store at that time allowing him to buy the ticket on that faithful day.

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Plans for the Prize

Like a good father, Zachary said he will be be using his prize money for his children. He intends to pay for their education, take care of any pending hospital bills and save the rest for the rainy day.

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