The Real Reason Nina Dobrev Left ‘The Vampire Diaries’ After Season 6

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Nina Dobrev was the beloved star of supernatural drama THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for six seasons. But she shocked fans by announcing her departure in 2015. Why did she decide to leave the show that made her famous? Let examine her multiple roles, personal and professional reasons, return for the finale and thriving career after playing Elena Gilbert.

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Nina Dobrev Announcement of Her Departure

Nina stunned her VAMPIRE DIARIES family and fans by revealing on Instagram in April 2015 that she was leaving the show after season 6. She posted a photo of the script for the finale titled 'I'm Thinking of You All The While.' Nina thanked the cast, crew and fans for their love over the years in an emotional message. She said she knew the story of Elena will be a six-season adventure and felt it was time to end it in a beautiful way.

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Nina Dobrev Multiple Roles on the Show

Nina masterfully played several other characters on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES who looked like Elena beyond Elena Gilbert. These included vampire Katherine Pierce, Amara, Tatia, Silas and more. Nina enjoyed the challenge of creating unique personalities, appearances and accents for each role. Her talent for seamlessly switching between different versions of Elena was incredibly impressive.

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Nina Dobrev Personal and Professional Reasons for Leaving

Nina was ready for new acting challenges and life changes after six years on the show. She wanted to pursue different genres and expand her versatility. Nina also admitted feeling exhausted from the demanding filming schedule and pressures of being the lead actress on a popular series.

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She denied any drama with co-stars or her ex Ian Somerhalder had influenced her choice. Nina emphasized she cherished her VAMPIRE DIARIES family and felt her departure was purely a professional decision about advancing her career in new directions.

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Nina Dobrev Return for the Series Finale

Nina returned to give Elena a proper happily-ever-after ending in the season 8 finale though she left in season 6. The nostalgic reunion with the cast brought tears and laughter. Her finale scene provided closure for Elena and her epic romance for Damon. Her cameo was a beautiful gift to the fans.

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Nina Dobrev Career After THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Nina proved she was more than just Elena Gilbert when she took on diverse roles in films like The Final Girls, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Fam after leaving VAMPIRE DIARIES. She also launched a coffee company and supported charitable causes. Nina remains popular on social media and in demand for exciting new projects.

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The Final Verdict

Nina Dobrev decided to step away from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES after six unforgettable seasons as Elena to pursue professional growth and personal life changes. Nina was ready to challenge herself with new acting opportunities beyond the show.

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