Morikawa jumps in to donate $1,000 per PGA playoff birdie to Maui wildfire relief

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Collin Morikawa makes headlines as he jumps in to help those in need after the deadly Maui wildfire. A disaster that turned homes to flames, killing 36 people.

Media Credits : PGA Tour

The Maui Wildfires

The Maui wildfires began on Tuesday and killed more than 50 people. Hurricane Dora's strong winds spread the fire. With no power, people were forced to evacuate.

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Who is Morikawa?

A famous PGA golfer, Morikawa is a two-time major winner. The 26-year-old successfully made six birdies and tied for third place after the first round.

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What were Morikawa's feelings?

Morikawa was heartbroken by the wildfire. His post's caption said that, having a personal connection to the island, he was deeply hurt to see the fire spread.

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Morikawa's Connection to Maui

Morikawa's grandparents were born in Lahaina. His grandfather owned The Morikawa Restaurant in Maui town. Watching so many structures destroyed there moved him.

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Morikawa's sentimental attachment to Maui

Morikawa became nostalgic. His entire parental family grew up there. The photos of destruction were places where they went as kids. They are very special to him.

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How is Morikawa's Family?

Morikawa told the reporters that his family migrated to Oahu, and they seemed all good. However, seeing the pictures of the destruction has saddened him to the core.

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How much damage did the wildfire do?

The hall of Waiola Church, Wainee Street and a major part of the historic town of Lahaina was burned. Pictures showed many destroyed buildings on the waterfront.

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How does Morikawa's plan help?

On Wednesday, Morikawa made an Instagram post stating his intent to donate. For every birdie he makes during FedEx Cup playoffs, he would give $1,000 to help people.

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Morikawa current scores

Morikawa is scoring pretty well after one game at the St. Jude Championship. He is getting five strokes better. He made a great shot of 65.

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Morikawa future tournaments playoffs

The person who is succeeding in the game is Jordan Spieth, and he is only two strokes ahead of Morikawa. There are three more games to go, after which Morikawa will have two more games.

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Morikawa urges people to donate too

Morikawa asked people to donate anything. Whatever anyone can afford to put in, they can give. He says that he will also push hard to make the birdies.

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How will Morikawa convince people to donate?

Morikawa urges people to donate as much as they can to help him restore one of the world's best travel places. He himself used to go to Kapalua to play golf there.

Media Credits : Golf Channel

How will the funds be used?

Morikawa said that the people of Hawaii needed our support. He doesn't know the best place to invest the funds, but he will surely share the recovery work he does.

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Morikawa plans to perform better in his upcoming games. This will help him generate even more donations to help people suffering from the casualties of the fire.

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