05 Aug, 2023


Mind-Blowing Moments from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

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About Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Eras Tour has gone on for a few weeks since it's kick off and now she's taking all the excitement to SoFi stadium.

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Increased Excitement Amongst fans

As fans await her presence in SoFi stadium ticket sales are reaching an all time high, as fan anticipation grows filling the atmosphere with anticipation.

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Taylor Swift's Instagram post

Following her tour, Taylor has often taken to Instagram to share snippets of her shows. Her post reflects her love for her fans and how much fan attendance mean to her.

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Memorable Moments from the Tour

One of the most memorable moments of the tour was when she called out a guard for harassing her fans. This has shown her impact on young girls as fans printed T shirts expressing their respect for her.

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Her Performance in Santa Clara and Calif

After her presence at Santa Clara and Calif fans just couldn't get enough of the tour and kept the vibe alive through fan interactions and TikTok posts.

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Ultimate guide to the SoFi stadium Tour

There are a few rules to maintain to gain entrance to the tour. You allowed to carry only a clear bag and a tiny clutch that can show you items for security reasons.

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More important information

Transportation options are also available and you can dine at a few local restaurants available. As for the fan chants you just have to know most of your favorite Taylor Swift's karaoke songs.

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Controversies about the eras tour

However, as ticket sales increase, ticketmaster is facing the wrath of heart broken fans and hotel wokers on strike are asking Taylor to stay away sending conflicting messages.

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Taylor Prolongs the Fun

With tension running at an all time high, Taylor Swift added a sixth night to the SoFi stadium run earning massive shouts from fans.

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Announcement of additional show

The announcement was made to get the waitlisted ticket buyers to the SoFi stadium performance, giving them an opportunity to join in the fun.

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New Date aadded to the tour

Her stay at SoFi stadium was supposed to start at August 3rd anx run for back to back nights and originally end on the 6th, but on the 7th has been added to her performance date.

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Taylor Swift's Kindness and Generosity

As the tour continues fans continue to fall in love with Taylor for her empowerment, kindness, generosity and strong representation of her eras fans.

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Surprising Moment on Opening night

The first night of the Era tour was filled with mind-blowing moments especially when the countdown began before she came on stage which she had never done before.

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Unexpected songs and acoustic rendition

The show also featured an unexpected opening song Miss Americana and also the acoustic rendition of mirrorball brought tears to the eyes of fans.

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