16 Jun, 2022


Michelle Yeoh’s New Netflix Soap Series

By FactsWow Team

The Action-packed 

The star is set to head The Brothers Sun, described as an action-packed, darkly comedic family soap and will span from Los Angeles to Taiwan.

The Eight-Part Series 

The eight-part sequel will include an all-Asian cast and all-Asian writers' room and has also cast Justin Chien (Two Sides: Unfaithful), Sam Song Li (Better Call Saul), Highdee Kuan (This Is Us), and Joon Lee (Dated).

The Family 

The Brothers Sun pivoted on gangster Charles Sun (Chien), who is settled in life as a ruthless killer in Taipei, though he must travel to LA when an unknown assassin shoots his father. He must protect his mom (Yeoh) and doesn't know brother Bruce (Li) there.

About Charles 

Charles was groomed to be a hardened culprit but is now torn between how he was raised and the life he could make in LA, while Yeoh's Mama Sun is described as intelligent and observant and has built a new life in the US away from her past in Taiwan.

The Childhood Buddy 

Kuan will perform the role of Alexis, an ambitious lady who is an assistant DA, while Lee plays Bruce's childhood best friend and aspiring gangster, TK.

Other Series 

Also playing in the ensemble are Alice Hewkin (Sex Education) as May/June, Jon Xue Zhang (Eternals) as Blood Boots, comedian Jenny Yang as Xing, Madison Hu (The Boogeyman) as Grace, and Rodney To (Parks and Recreation) as Mark.

The Horror Story 

American Horror Story's Brad Falchuk will be the showrunner and executive producer alongside The Getaway's Byron Wu.

The Recent Achievement 

Yeoh currently won acclaim for her turn in the indie movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, which has become studio A24's biggest worldwide hit. The actress is also due to star in Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin and a role in the upcoming Avatar sequels.

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