The Untold Story of Michael Jackson: 5 Shocking Secrets Revealed

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson used to be a very secretive person. He was a popular American singer, philanthropist, dancer, and songwriter known as the King of Pop. He's considered the most important cultural character in the ongoing 20th Century.

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Michael's Own Foodstuffs At the Movies

Michael Jackson used to carry out his hot sauce and peanut butter at the movies, which he scattered over the popcorn. He loved bringing his kids to the film festivals screened on the set of Charlie Chaplin's films. Follow Factswow.com for the latest and most interesting tales.

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Michael Was Okay With Fans

Michael Jackson felt satisfied with the fans who waited for him outside at his home, getting an insight into him. He told the police authority not to push away the fans and followers. It was an example of his kind and loving behavior towards his fans.

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Michael's Emergency Situation

In the case of an emergency, Michael Jackson brought an Oscar statue of Gone with the Wind and a suitcase of $200,000 with his passports

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Michael's Bodyguards

Michael's Bodyguards, Javon, and Bill didn't reveal about their family to whom they've worked due to the contractual obligations that have affected their bonds. Bill has skipped the Christmas Celebration to spend time with Michael and his family

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Michael's Inability To Perform An Act

Michael Jackson's desire to pay off his debts and buy a new house led him to not perform a residency in Las Vegas against his wishes. The singer expressed concerns about his ability to perform at the level he used to, claiming it would kill him to do so.

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