The Fashion Evolution Of Michael Jackson: 5 Iconic Outfits That Inspired Fashionistas.

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 29 Aug, 2023

A Superstar, Michael Jackson

If you have vim and vigor for trending outfits that go with the recent fashion icon, you can try the fashion attires from the 'King of Pop' superstar, Michael Jackson. Whenever he made a public appearance, he created a screamed disco wardrobe. His flair was incredibly pioneered with the iconic fashion statements.

Michael's Moonwalk Moment

Unveiling the moonwalk show at the 25th Anniversary at the Motown in 1983, Michael wore signature cropped pants designed to show his knotty footwork to the fullest. He sparked with shirts, socks, and pervasive penny loafers, which seemed like an elaborate outfit.

Michael's Red Leather Jacket

The Red leather Jacket of Michael Jackson was loaded with unnecessary, cool zippers folded with sleeves to craft a defining appearance for the 80s era. People got crazy and duplicated the look all over the place. It became a modification in his career-defining role of 'Thriller.'

Suited Up For Billie Jean

When Michael glided to light up his 1983 video of 'Billie Jean,' he was accidentally crafting a new manner of wearing suits. All eyes were stuck on his slick black suit, a red bow tie, and a pink shirt. Visit Factswow.com for more such thrilling stories daily.

Michael's Fit Like A Glove

Setting a huge trend, Michael wore a bedazzled glove for the 1984 Grammys award, paired with a gilded sash and a sequined military jacket. Through this look, he got fashionistas buzzing and received eight groundbreaking awards. He has appeared in British regalia show outfits.

Michael's BAD Move

When Michael was spotted for his 1987 album, 'Bad,' he wore a grunge-inspired, more defined look. The glitzy colors were replaced with skinny jeans, buckles, straps, and an exotic black leather jacket. The video for the song showcased power and defiance against the odds.

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