Michael Chiklis's Top Tv And Film Roles That Made History!

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Michael Charles Chiklis!

Michael Charles is best known for playing Detective Vic Mackey of the Los Angeles Police Department on the FX police drama The Shield. Some of his best TV and film roles are discussed.

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Parker – 2013!

Taylor Hackford is the director of the American action-thriller movie Parker. Jason Statham's character, Melander, is challenged by Michael Chiklis' Melander, the leader of a group of professional criminals with connections to the Chicago Mob.

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10 Minutes Gone – 2019!

In the newest trailer for the criminal drama 10 Minutes Gone, Michael Chiklis co-stars with Bruce Willis. The main character in the film is Frank, whom Chiklis portrays. After a botched bank heist, Frank has lost the last 10 minutes of his memory.

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Pawn – 2013!

David A. Armstrong made his directing debut in the 2012 American crime thriller Paw. The plot of this movie, starring Michael Chiklis as Derrick, revolves around a bunch of crooks who rob a café that serves as a front for the mob. He is one of the hostages taken during the robbery in the restaurant.

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Rise – 2007!

Rise: Blood Hunter, an American action-horror film, was directed by Sebastian Gutierrez. The spooky thriller starring Michael Chiklis and Lucy Liu features Chiklis as a haunted police investigator whose daughter was murdered by the same gang and looking for answers.

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The Three Stooges – 2000!

An American biographical television movie called The Three Stooges is about the slapstick comic group. When Michael Chiklis plays Curly Howard, the film departs from the Three Stooges' customarily lighthearted tone and has a more somber tone.

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Taxman – 1998!

In the 1999 Avi Nesher film Taxman, Michael Chiklis plays Andre Rubakov. Despite being told by his supervisor to remain out of the way, a tax investigator pursuing a tax evader stumbles onto a string of violent killings and becomes involved in the investigation alongside a rookie officer.

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The Rain Killer – 1990!

Ken Stein is the director of The Rain Killer. To apprehend the most recent homicidal maniac, The Rain Killer, Ray Sharkey, David Beecroft, Tania Coleridge, and Michael Chiklis pair up with a tired police officer and an FBI agent who is all business.

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