Is Meghan Markle’s Marriage in Trouble? Fans Notice She’s Not Wearing Her Engagement Ring

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Rumors are swirling that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marriage is on the rocks after eagle-eyed fans noticed something missing from the Duchess of Sussex in a recent birthday photo - her iconic engagement ring. The photo quickly went viral with people pointing to the missing ring as a sign of an impending divorce. But what is the real truth here? Lets examine the evidence behind these breakup rumors.

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The Photograph Seen 'Round the World'

The speculation started when a photo surfaced of Meghan celebrating her 42nd birthday with friends. She embraces a pal but her famous engagement ring is conspicuously absent from her left hand in the image. The photo spread like wildfire online with fans fixated on the bare finger where her ring usually resides. The DIVORCE whispers kicked into high gear immediately.

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The Symbolism of the Ring

Meghan engagement ring from Harry is no ordinary piece of jewelry. The gorgeous three-stone stunner designed by Harry features a diamond from Botswana and two stones from Princess Diana collection. It is worth around $200,000 but more importantly it is a symbol of their love. The world-famous ring has become Meghan signature so its absence stood out.

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Examining the Possible Harmless Explanations

There are several benign reasons Meghan did not wear engagement ring which have nothing to do with marital strife. She may have simply wanted to avoid attracting attention during her low-key celebration. Or perhaps she chose a more casual and comfortable ring for the occasion. It is also possible swelling or weather caused discomfort. This is not the first time she has been seen without it.

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Signs All is Well for the Sussexs

Harry and Meghan are still happily married. They have publicly celebrated major milestones together like birthdays, anniversaries and baby Lili arrival. They beam discussing each other in interviews and continue jointly pursuing media projects. Their bond seems stronger than ever making breakup rumors seem far-fetched.

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Their Policy on Tabloid Gossip

Meghan and Harry have chosen not to address the endless speculative gossip about their marriage. They tend to ignore unfounded rumors perpetuated by tabloids understanding idle chatter comes with being public figures. They remain focused on using their platform for good by all accounts.

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The Verdict

Read no further into Meghan missing ring other than her simply opting not to wear it for personal reasons that day. All signs point to she and Harry maintaining a loving committed relationship in the face of outside noise. So leta put those unfounded divorce conjectures to rest!

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