10 Apr, 2023


Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Relationship Timeline

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Things Have Changed A Lot

A lot has changed between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they left the British royal family in 2020.

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A Conversation With Oprah Winfrey

Duke and Duchess of Sussex alleged their oral relatives were racist and did not listen to their pleas for mental health counseling in their 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Many People Will Be Watching The Coronation

In May 2023, King Charles III's coronation will have many eyes on them as the world wonders if they will attend.

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Inauguration Of The King

They are expected to see King Charles' official coronation in March 2023, according to a March 2023 report. 

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Involved In All Aspects

An individual close to the royal family said, 'Harry and Meghan will play a role in every aspect of the planning.' This includes cars, seating, dining arrangements, and everything.

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Acceptance Is Not Guaranteed

Although there is no guarantee they have accepted, we can't rule it out - it could, of course, be just in case they do, but at least it's not a 'no.''

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Timeline Of The Entire Relationship

Look back at Meghan's and Harry's complete relationship timeline as fans await their coronation plans.

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American Actress Dating Harry

A romance rumor circulating about Harry dating an American actress swirled throughout the summer of 2016.

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Toronto Is The Location Of The Production

Even though Suits' production takes place in Toronto, California, people connected the dots when they saw Meghan walking around London.

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The Couple Confirmed Their Relationship

In November of that year, Kensington Palace confirmed the couple's romance and asked the media to be kinder to them after lying low for several months.

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Warmth Is Always Appreciated

Prince Harry has always appreciated the warmth citizens have shown him since childhood.

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As Stated In The Statement

He explained in the statement that he has never been comfortable with the world dissecting his private life and is especially concerned about how the media reacts to his new relationship.

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