Mega-Fan Sold Taylor Swift Tickets At $14,000

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Posted on: 10 Aug, 2023

Era Tour Tickets.

A Taylor Swift fan who managed to obtain tickets for her Eras Tour has made a staggering $14,000 by reselling them. Learn the most trending news from Factswow.com and explore the deep insights worldwide.

Isaac Jarman

Isaac Jarman uploaded a TikTok with special gratitude to the person who purchased his tickets by saying they compensated for his college tuition. He thinks the person who bought the tickets may enjoy the show.

The Seats in the fourth Row.

However, Issac Jarman desires to be there; 14,000 is pretty good too. The seats for the show are placed in the fourth Row, which is good enough for the action. The move can be divided into people on TikTok social media platforms.

Selling tickets was 'Unfair.'

One viewer said hanging out all day for $14000 Taylor and I would be better. While another added that it is not your fault if people want to spend that much.' Meanwhile, some believed it was unfair to resell the ticket at $14000.

An Insane Disposable Income.

Another user pointed out that the high cost of tickets limits access to the concert for people with a large disposable income. Jarman defended himself against the hate he was receiving for selling the ticket for $14,000.

People were getting Mad At Jarman.

Jarman defended his decision to sell the ticket for $14,000, saying they would have done the same if anyone else were in his position. He justified that the amount would be equivalent to many work hours, making it difficult to say no to such a stack offer.

Taylor Swift Scholarship.

Jarman labeled the $14,000 as the 'Taylor Swift Scholarship' he made the ticket off. Since he was dissatisfied that he could no longer enjoy the fourth-row seat, Jarman was not too upset because he already attended the 'Denver show' in the nose-bleeds.

Jarman Got Tickets for 'Christmas

Jarman explained that he didn't have the tickets originally and was depressed. Then, he obtained tickets for 'Christmas' Eve, which seemed like the best thing ever. The Ticketmaster contacted him in February, and Jarman thought it was like a lottery.

Floor Tickets.

Jarman said they were the 'floor tickets and the best tickets ever that he was thrilled to go. He was drawn to selling his Taylor Swift tickets with a ridiculous profit. It can happen by transferring the tickets to another fan, which was hard to resist for the college student.

Opportunity to see Taylor Swift.

Jarman further justified that he saw people selling at $6,000 on StubHub, and there was no way to reconcile in his mind. He was contented going before and ready to spend some fruitful time. He still believes that one day he's the opportunity to see Taylor Swift close.

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