14 Apr, 2023


Marshall's dark side will be revealed at the reunion of Love Is Blind, Jackie Bonds

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Jackie And Marshall Split Up

A new defense for Jackie Bonds is that her ex-fiance will be exposed at the reunion for something terrible he allegedly said at her messy breakup with Marshall Glaze. 

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The Love Between Marshall And Josh

In the pods, the dental hygienist was able to find love with Marshall and Josh Demas, but she accepted the former's proposal. 

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Dating Acceptance

A party attended by both couples and singles from the pods led Josh to confess his continued feelings for Jackie, which prompted her to accept a date with him.

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A Heated-Up Argument

Marshall and Jackie had a whirlwind argument leading to Jackie's brutal dump of him. She disputes the timing of the scenes.

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TikTok Video During A Breakup

The transphobic slur Marshall used against Jackie during filming was one of her many jabs at his character during the breakup of Love Is Blind. In a TikTok video, @giletslays called Jackie 'tacky' and 'meanest mean girl of all,' among several clever insults.

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The Netflix Slur

According to Jackie, the reunion weirdo who called me a transphobic slur on Netflix was the weirdo. 

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Complaint About Marshall

This is the first time she claims Marshall. The comment was bigoted, which is a serious offense. She has repeatedly claimed that Marshall is not the nice guy portrayed as being.

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Unexpected Issue

Marshall and Jackie's split immediately appeared inevitable, but the ensuing messiness was unexpected. 

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Time To Know Jackie's Character

April 16 is the date for the live reunion episode that will reveal whether Jackie's claims are true. 

Media Credits: The Independent

Confusion About Their Relationship

It has been speculated that Jackie and Josh are in a romantic relationship and that it has worked out, but what is to be shown of the relationship and Marshall's single status is unclear.

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Felt Bad About The Breakup

Although the couple's disastrous breakup is heartbreaking to watch, all parties must move on. The breakup marks another failed engagement before the couple's wedding days in Love Is Blind season 4.

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