17 Mar, 2023


Madeleine McCann May Have Cancer, According To Polish Woman Julia Faustyna

By FactsWow Team

The Test Report

In preparation for DNA results to determine whether she is Madeleine McCann, a Polish woman may now be battling cancer.

Media Credits: CMTV

A Girl Is known To The World

After Julia Faustyna, also known as Julia Wendell or Julia Wandelt, claimed to be the victim of a 2007 Portuguese disappearance while on vacation with her family, she made headlines worldwide.

Media Credits: New York Post

The Complete Test

A 23andMe-style test to identify her ancestry has been conducted on the 21-year-old, along with three forensic tests.

Media Credits: EI Cronista

Afraid Of The Health

The spokesperson for the actress revealed that she fears she may have leukemia after further health tests.

Media Credits: Siteman Cancer center-Washington University in St.Louis

The Investigator's Thought

Julia's ethnic background and where her true family came from will remain a mystery until DNA testing takes place, according to Faustyna's representative and private investigator.

Media Credits: MultiNews-Sapo

Representative's Clarification

Our investigation will continue to determine whether Julia could be Madeleine or another missing person, depending on the test results. Now, Julia is the focus, rather than Madeleine.

Media Credits: The Sun

Faustyna's Worse Health

Faustyna has suffered neglect and years of abuse and is in poor health. She has asthma and bone pain, so she is scheduled for a CT and MRI scan.

Media Credits: News.com.au

The Abnormal Blood Flow

Similarly, her blood work in the US is abnormal, so my doctor is examining whether she may have leukemia, so we are waiting for the results. If she needs treatment, we will make sure that happens.

Media Credits: Healthline

Became Familiar With Social Media

Using her Instagram and TikTok accounts to upload photos, Faustyna attracted a large following by showing similarities between herself and Madeleine.

Media Credits: Celebweek

Finding The Resemblance

The Instagram user @iammadeleinemccann regularly posted photos comparing herself with the little girl, circling key features she believes resemble her; one of them was a dimple on the left cheek and a defect on one eye.

Media Credits: La Tercera

Seeking The Popularity

According to Faustyna's family, she has always sought fame and attention because of her desire to be popular and is not the biological daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann.

Media Credits: The Sun

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