07 Jan, 2023


LouLou Taylor was attacked not once but six times by a Seal during a scene

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A scene in Jaws

The actress LouLou Taylor recalls a time when she was attacked six times by a seal. It was a terrifying incident in a scene for Jaws.

Media Credits: ERM Stars

Bitten and Rotten

The scene depicted LouLou swimming in the sea. It was a sea in Cape town where the shot was taken.

Media Credits: Listal

Spotting the Seal

The Seal was seen in the depth of the ocean. Then it latched to a young boy. It was seen entering the water, and later it made a beeline.

Media Credits: The Mirror

Rescue Mission

The Beachgoers immediately rushed to save LouLou. It was captured on camera.

Media Credits: Yahoo News

Nibbling the heels

The Seal nibbed Taylor's Heels. At the same time, Taylor is trying to run away. Compared to the young boy, the men tried to push the Seal away before dragging the boy.

Media Credits: New York Post

The Seal attacks Loulou

While the men were saving the young boy, it ran towards Taylor. Taylor let out a shriek as she fought with the water animal. People saved her and pushed the animal back into the water.

Media Credits: South African

Six times

Loulou Taylor announced she was bitten six times. Hence she had to undergo treatment. She photoshopped the Jaws poster. Taylor replaced the white shark with a Seal.

Media Credits: South African

Why the attack?

Taylor said algae blooms that release the neurotoxins are the reason for seal attacks. She compared it to the global warming issue or water pollution.

Media Credits: ERM Stars

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