21 Jul, 2023


Looks gorgeous on the cover; Jennifer Lopez stuns in a bodysuit!

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Gorgeous look!

Jennifer Lopez looked sensationally gorgeous on the cover of the new issue of Vogue Mexico, which was released on June 22.

Media Credits: British Vogue

Black bodysuit!

Jennifer Lopez, 53, looked stunning in a black bodysuit, matching cape, and combat boots on the cover shot, which depicted J.Lo clutching a chair in her hand while flaunting her chic attire.

Media Credits: Harper's Bazaar

The entire body is covered!

The singer donned a red minidress with a cloak over her shoulders in the same color. She wore a yellow bodysuit gown covering her full body and a red and white flowery long-sleeved skirt.

Media Credits: Harper's Bazaar

J.Lo explanation in an interview!

J.Lo discussed her success as a Latina woman in Hollywood. I was only heard at first in the accented parts. I held my stance, and eventually, things shifted,' she added.

Media Credits: Popsugar

Opened up about my personal life!

Her 15-year-old twins Max and Emme have reportedly started to 'challenge' her on several issues. 'Your love for your kids will never fade. They accept you with some degree. And as they age, they begin to question, 'Why are we doing this? Why is my mother acting that way? Do I also have to do it?' she questioned. There is where they begin to test you.

Media Credits: Harper's Bazaar

J.Lo became a stepmother!

Her ex-husband Marc Anthony and the actress and singer are the parents of her twins. The three children of J.Lo's husband, Ben Affleck, also have a stepmother. After portraying an assassin/mother in the Netflix film The Mother, J.Lo has a fresh perspective on the five children J.Lo and Ben have together who all grew up in the limelight.

Media Credits: The Times of India

Different relationship!

'You have to build a friendship that is quite distinct. In an interview with Vogue Mexico, she stated, 'And my kids and I talk about it.

Media Credits: Vogue

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