Lil Wayne Takes Over 'Undisputed' with Shocking Twist!

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Lil Wayne joins undisputed as a co-star

On Thursday Skip Bayless the director and host of Undisputed announced that Lil Wayne would be joining the show as a co-host when it returns.

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Undisputed increased popularity following colab

With the release of this news sport fans all over the world and Lil Wayne solid fan base are excited for this new turn of events and can't wait for the show to officially kick off.

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Lil Wayne appearance on the show

According to skip Bayless, Lil Wayne has promised to be on the show every Friday for at least 10-15 minutes regardless of his busy schedule with music concerts or tours.

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Contribution as co host alongside Skip Bayless

With Lil Wayne deep love for sports, Bayless mentioned his appearance will add diversity and bring a new train of thought to the table and also push the popular sport show to headline in entertainment news

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Lil Wayne past connection with Undisputed

Although this is Wayne first official connection with Undisputed, the rapper has previously collaborated with the show, when his hit song 'No Mercy' was used as the theme song for the show.

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Increased interest and Viewership for undisputed

With the announcement of Lil Wayne as a co host there is sure to be an in-flux of fans who originally did not tune in to the show as Wayne is much loved and respected in the entertainment industry.

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Lil Wayne massive fan base

With millions of fans all over the globe, Lil Wayne is rated as a legend not just in the music industry but the entertainment world. As a sports lover he has also drawn the respect of several sports enthusiasts.

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Departure of Shannon Sharpe

After the departure of Shannon Sharpe in June after seven years with Undisputed, the show experienced a hiatus but it seems a revamp is on the way as talk of it's relaunch is making waves.

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Speculations on Richard Sherman

Following Sharpe departure, it was rumored that Richard Sherman a star all lakers fan cherish might become Bayless new debate partner but the deal never was signed.

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Revamp of Undisputed after hiatus

Now after two months of hiatus due to Sharpe departure, Undisputed is said to come back with a full revamp on August 28 with Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless as co-hosts.

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Expected Chemistry between Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne in debates

According to Bayless, Wayne is a well respected match when it comes to sports talk and although their opinions are often different, their back and forth will give viewers a show to always watch.

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