03 Aug, 2023


Las Vegas Police Name Cardi B as Suspect in Shocking Mic-Throwing Case!

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Cardi B

A renowned artist, Cardi B, has been labeled as a ‘suspect’ in an event taken with a camera. It happened during a Las Vegas show when a concertgoer threw a drink over her while she was performing an act on the stage.

Media Credits: Just Jured

Cardi B Threw Microphone

Cardi B has thrown her microphone to the troops in response to the action. The authorities are investigating the incident, so Cardi B is now a person of interest in the case.

Media Credits: The Guardian

Las Vegas Police Department

As per the report by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and ABC News, a nameless individual was in attendance at the Cardi B show in Las Vegas, Nevada, at ‘3595 S. Las Vegas Blvd.’ of Drai’s Beach/Night Club.

Media Credits: Twitter

Drink Threw At Cardi B

The report continued to say that during the time, a BFA in her late 20s in a white and black sneaker show with lively letters of cooper/red hair color threw a drink over Cardi B during a stage performance.

Media Credits: NBC News

Unnamed Individual

The police report that an individual whose name was redacted was found with a microphone on her/his right-hand shoulder. An Individual had been recording through the phone, and the recording was caught at the incident.

Media Credits: Masala

Individuals to get Medical Care

The report said that because of the event, an individual said she was suffering from pain due to this incident and would get some medical attention. Also, the individual said that the masses were huge at the incident and couldn’t finish a report with notification or security at the time.

Media Credits: The FADER

Bodak Yellow, 2017’s Hit

During a weekend, a video got viral that showed a concertgoer who tossed a drink on Cardi B when she was performing one of her 2017 hit songs, ‘Bodak Yellow.’ Henceforth, the rapper has responded by throwing her microphone into the crowds.

Media Credits: New York Daily News

A Viral Video of Cardi B

A viral video stated Cardi B referring to her fans & followers that she was ‘hot,’ asking the audience to pour her some water. At what point in the lively show the drink-throwing event was caught on the viral video is vague.

Media Credits: HelloBeautiful

The Rapper Addressed An Incident

The rapper, Cardi B, addressed an incident on the Station head live streaming application on Sunday, revealing that she was found ‘assaulted’ while the ice and water hit on her face as ‘mad hard.’ ‘It was blatantly disrespectful what happened yesterday,’ she added.

Media Credits: Digital Spy

Cardi B Threw Mic at Her DJ

In another incident from the night before, a rapper, Cardi B, was seen in a separate video wherein she threw a mic at her DJ and addressing on the Station head by reacting that he wasn’t doing his job precisely.

Media Credits: Essence

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