16 Mar, 2023


Kyle Chrisley's Ups And Downs From Chrisley Knows Best

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An Altercation With A Coworker

During an altercation with a colleague, Todd Chrisley's son Kyle, 32, was allegedly armed with a fixed blade and arrested for felony aggravated assault. 

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A Warrant Was Issued For The Arrest

The 32-year-old reality star has an arrest warrant after allegedly altercating with a supervisor at Penske Rental Trucks, where he worked.

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Federal prison Was Sentenced To Todd

Several details are unclear about the altercation, but Todd was sentenced to federal prison just months after he began his sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion.

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

Bipolar Disorder And Addiction

Savannah told the court before the sentencing that Kyle's addiction and bipolar disorder allowed her to have full custody of Grayson and Chloe.

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Their Relationship Has Been Tense

It has been a tense relationship between Kyle, Todd, and Chloe for years since they took custody of Chloe, but the hatchet seems to have been buried.

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Financed Their Lavish Lifestyles

Loans of $30 million worth financed their opulent lifestyle, reported being more than $30 million in total, which they took out to finance it.

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Getting Out Of Prison

The sentence for Todd was 12 years, and for Julie, it was seven years, with a 16-month probationary period following their release from prison.

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An unremarkable criminal history

His criminal history is unremarkable, and medical conditions that would make incarceration disproportionately harsh are also noted.

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Letter Submitted By Lawyers

Furthermore, his lawyers submitted a letter from a friend or business associate showing that he has done good work and strives to help others in the past. 

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Todd Is Behind Bars

They argue that while Todd is in prison, he will harm many people who depend on him, including his mother and television show employees.

Media Credits: Reality Titbit

A Minimal Role Was Played

Her attorneys argued that Julie participated in the conspiracy minimally and was not involved in the loan arrangement.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Probation Was Requested

Lawyers for her requested a probation, restitution, and community service sentence based on her no previous convictions, community service, and 'extraordinary family obligations.'

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