Kingston Rossdale, Gwen Stefani's Son, Rocks At Blake Shelton's Bar

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has treated many fans with sweet pictures to make her big day by getting hitched into Blake Shelton's bar. It is no doubt that Gwen has one more rock star in her family. Want to know who? Explore our daily updates from Factswow.com and remain tuned.

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Kingston Rossdale

The oldest child of Gwen Stefani, named Kingston Rossdale, 17, through which Gwen shared a pic with fellow artist and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, took the stage for performing a magical performance at the Oklahoma bar of Blake Shelton on Friday night.

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Kingston Rule the Crowd

Kingston Rossdale ruled the masses by performing musical events with a band behind him. Social media also showcased 17-year-old snaps while playing guitar using a rocker edge.

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Kington thanked the Crowd

Following the set, Kingston said to the masses I love you guys. Thanks for being here. Thanks. It means a lot to him. He said, 'I hope you guys had spent a great night.' Enjoy yourselves. Stay connected with Factswow.com for more gripping stories.

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The God's Country Singer

The country musical artist gave a huge hug to Stepson when he completed the set on Friday. Also, the singer of God's Country gushed about the relationship with his three sons of non-wife. Sheldon said that there is nothing easy about it.

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Stefani performs Backlash

Gwen Stefani told the fans, 'I am Japanese,' to the charges of cultural appropriation. Shelton said that he loves his stepfather, and he looked up to him. He further confirmed that he is a father to me, and I've been a good inspiration in my life for the type of stepdad he wants to be.

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Shelton took 'Father Figure' Seriously

Blake Shelton said he takes his role as a 'father figure' seriously but also greatly enjoys it. 'I don't take it so seriously that I'm not enjoying the time. Especially since it's been five years in the making now. I can't imagine my life without the kids at this point,' he commented.

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Sheldon In TikTok Video

Stefani let her fans on life with a 1300-acre ranch in March by sharing the 'sweet escape.' The video showed Stefani adjusting her cap, then running through plants and getting into a truck with Shelton driving. The duos wore camouflage clothing with matching caps and cargo during a shot.

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