29 Jul, 2023


Kevin Costner: A Newly Single, Reunites With His Children Amid A Bitter Divorce

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Kevin Costner

Recently single, Kevin Costner spent quality time with his kids in Aspen amidst an ongoing bitter divorce. His estranged ex, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce on May 1 after 18 years of marriage.

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The ‘Yellowstone’ Actor

A 68-year-old, ‘Yellowstone’ star was seen doing a grocery run shortly after picking up Grace, 13, Hayes, 14, and Cayden, 16, from the airport. The children had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii with their mother.

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Costner in Cowboy Hat

On Monday’s tour, Kevin Costner donned cowboy-esque gear, sunglasses, and a cowboy hat to maintain anonymity. He finalized her casual look with a denim button-up, short sleeves, with a couple of light-washed jeans.

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Costner owns a 160-acre estate in Aspen

Recently, the actor owned a luxurious 160-acre estate in Aspen for rent in January. Seeking a monthly rent of $36,000, the property boasts 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a sledding hill, and a baseball field. Follow Factswow.com to learn more gripping stories right away.

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A Mansion worth $145 Million

The actor’s home is two-hour away from the flight that cost $145 Million in Calif of Santa Barbara. Baumgartner ordered it to vacate the residence at the end of July. Baumgartner soaked up the Hawaiian sun rays with her friend, Josh Connor.

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