Have Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Parted Ways with Scooter Braun?

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What is Happening Between Braun, Bieber and Grande Lately?

Scooter Braun manages huge pop stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. But rumors claim they are leaving his company SB Projects. Are Bieber and Grande really splitting from their longtime friend and mentor?

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The Sources of the Rumors

Reports of issues between Bieber, Grande and Braun first emerged in an article from the new media site Puck News. They claimed insider sources said Bieber planned to leave Braun management company SB Projects after 16 years together. Bieber was unhappy with his major deal with HYBE who is the entertainment giant behind BTS. Puck News stated Bieber sought more control over his career and had met with Jay-Z Roc Nation.

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Billboard and outlets like it reported Grande had also parted ways with Braun shortly following Bieber exit. These stories cited anonymous sources who said Grande was similarly dissatisfied with Braun HYBE involvement. She allegedly wanted to take her vision and direction into her own hands. Reports said she had signed with new management and begun working on a new album away from Braun.

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The Responses From the Parties Involved

Representatives for both Bieber and Braun were quick to refute the claims. They asserted the pair still have a strong, loyal working relationship and called the rumors wholly false and baseless. Grande team did not comment but sources close to Braun also denied the reports about her departure. They stated she remains under contract with SB Projects and has not brought on new management. These insiders said Grande is perfectly happy with Braun work and support.

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Braun himself appeared to jokingly dismiss the speculation on Twitter. He posted a screenshot of a headline saying he was no longer managing himself. Braun also retweeted a fan stating he still manages Bieber simply adding True to reinforce the point.

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The Possible Reasons for the Rumors

One theory is Braun 2021 sale of Ithaca Holdings to HYBE for $1.05B which gave them some access to his artists. His larger role as HYBE America CEO may also mean less hands-on involvement with Bieber and Grande day-to-day.

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They may also be renegotiating contracts and exploring options for their evolving careers and musical visions. But concrete evidence is lacking.

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The Implications of the Rumors

Bieber and Grande exiting Braun management would shake up the industry if true. It could greatly affect their creative freedom and collaborations.

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But their musical partnership with Braun seems productive right now. The long-term relationships suggest they can compromise if needed.

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The Final Verdict

The rumors of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande leaving Scooter Braun remain unconfirmed. The stars appear to still have positive ties to Braun guidance. But their future path remains speculative unless they announce a departure themselves.

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