Julie Bowen Praises ‘warm And Generous’ Sofia Vergara Amid Joe Manganiello Divorce

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Posted on: 22 Aug, 2023

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are more than former co-stars. They are close friends who support each other through life ups and downs. Their bond blossomed on Modern Family where they played very different but lovable women married into the same family.

While their on-screen chemistry and humor made them fan favorites, their off-screen friendship was even stronger. Let us explore how Bowen and Vergara met, supported each other careers and families and how Bowen reacted to Vergara’s divorce from Joe Manganiello.

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara Friendship on and off Screen

Bowen and Vergara met in 2009 when cast as leads on Modern Family which is a comedy following three interrelated families. Bowen played the perfectionist mom Claire while Vergara played fiery Colombian immigrant Gloria.

They had to portray a complex relationship between their clashing characters. But they developed a genuine bond and chemistry as friends behind the scenes over 11 seasons.

The two supported each other careers, families and personal lives while on the show. They traveled together for exotic episode locations, praised each other talents in interviews and helped each other through personal struggles like Vergara legal issues and Bowen divorce. They celebrated milestones together forming a close friendship on and off camera.

Julie Bowen Reaction to Sofia Vergara Divorce From Joe Manganiello

Vergara shocked fans by announcing her divorce in July 2023 from Joe Manganiello after nearly eight years of marriage. The gorgeous couple had seemed admired and happy but faced challenges like distance, culture and family. In a joint statement they cited irreconcilable differences

Bowen was quick to publicly support Vergara amid the divorce. She praised Vergara warmth, generosity and grace in an exclusive Aug 2023 interview.

She commented fire emojis on Vergara Instagram vacation photos and said she could not wait to have a girls night out dancing with her friend. Bowen expressed loyalty and love for Vergara during a difficult transition.

Sofia Vergara Life After Divorce From Joe Manganiello

Vergara continues living her best life focused on career, family and self after divorce. She stars as a judge on America Got Talent, launched a beauty brand and spends time with her loved ones.

She told People in August 2023 that she was doing great and very happy with her situation. Vergara is moving forward with grace and grateful for those who support her.

Final Verdict

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara friendship proves true bonds last beyond the screen. They met as Modern Family co-stars but became confidantes supporting each other highs and lows.

Bowen showed devotion by praising Vergara during her divorce. Vergara displayed resilience by focusing on the positives. Their humor, beauty and kindness continue inspiring fans everywhere.

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