Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s New Rom-Com: Ticket to Paradise

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Why Julia Roberts and George Clooney Are the Ultimate Rom-Com Duo

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are beloved and successful movie stars known for rom-com roles. Rom-coms make us laugh and cry with stories of love, relationships and unexpected happiness.

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Roberts and Clooney have great chemistry in rom-coms like Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and Intolerable Cruelty. They look good together and make us believe they are really in love. Their charm, humor and talent make them the perfect rom-com stars. They are also real-life friends making their collabs feel natural. Overall they are the ultimate rom-com duo.

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What is Ticket to Paradise About and Who Are the Other Stars

Ticket to Paradise reunites Roberts and Clooney as exes scheming to stop their daughter Lily wedding in Bali. Lily rushes into marrying a local seaweed farmer she just met so her bickering parents team up to try and change her mind.

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They begin mending fences with each other in the process. The cast also includes Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Maxime Bouttier and Lucas Bravo. It is a comedy about the sweet surprise of second chances.

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How the Film Marks Roberts Return to the Genre After 20 Years

Ticket to Paradise is Julia Roberts first rom-com in 20 years since America Sweethearts. She wanted to work with Clooney again and liked the script. Roberts said she enjoys playing a more mature character with a new perspective on love.

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Her return is a treat for fans who have missed her charm as an icon of the genre starring in beloved hits like Pretty Woman. It is a chance to see her reignite that magic now lending her wisdom to the role.

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What Critics and Fans Are Saying About the Movie

Reviews are mixed so far. Some praise the humor, scenery and stars chemistry. Others criticize clichés, predictability and lack of originality. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 57% critic score and 87% audience score. IMDb users rate it 6.1/10.

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Critic Tomris Laffly called it disappointing and frustrating. But many fans express enjoyment of Roberts and Clooney easy rapport. Overall the quality seems uneven carried by the lead duo appeal.

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Where And When to Watch Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise hit theaters worldwide on 18 Aug 2023. It became available on Netflix to stream starting 25 Aug 2023. You need a subscription to watch. Plans range from $8.99 monthly for SD to $17.99 monthly for HD and 4K. Simply log into Netflix, search for the movie and click play. Then sit back and watch two rom-com legends reunite on screen.

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