Meet the Stars of Joe Pickett, the Hit Series Based on C.J. Box’s Books

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You dedicated fans of the gripping dramatic series Joe Pickett must want to know the talented cast of actors who bring the compelling characters from C.J. Box's best-selling novels vividly to life on screen. Lets closely examine who portrays who in the dangerous world of Joe Pickett and rural Wyoming.

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Michael Dorman as the Titular Joe Pickett

Leading the charge in the Joe Pickett series is actor Michael Dorman taking on the central role of the titular character himself. Dorman does an incredible job capturing the essence of Joe Pickett fundamentally upright nature as a principled game warden who refuses to back down in standing up to wealthy landowners,

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local authorities and dangerous criminals alike in order to protect his family and Wyoming cherished wilderness. Dorman portrayal underscores why Joe remains a stand-up guy viewers can not help but root for through all the chaos though his unwavering morals often get Pickett into hot water.

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Julianna Guill as Joe Steadfast Wife Marybeth

The actress Julianna Guill is equally talented in her portrayal of Joe Pickett tough, fiery wife Marybeth. Guill performance highlights all the nuances of Marybeth strength and passion as both a protective mother of three daughters and a devoted wife supporting Joe risky career despite the perpetual peril it brings upon their family.

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Guill spirited portrayal always shines through Marybeth ferocious wit and steadfast loyalty in the face of adversity providing the perfect dynamic balance to Joe unwavering idealism.

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Mustafa Speaks as Joe Enigmatic Friend Nate Romanowski

The character of Joe Pickett mysterious and highly-skilled friend Nate Romanowski is played by the actor Mustafa Speaks. Speaks completely embodies the subtle complexities of the gruff and solitary Romanowski, a rugged expert falconer living totally off the grid whose shadowy special forces past follows him.

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While undeniably an asset to Joe Pickett, Romanowski secrecy about his former military life also frequently gets Joe into hot water. Speaks excels at portraying Romanowski unknown backstory and personal code of honor that complicates his relationship with the Picketts.

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Sharon Lawrence as Joe Manipulative Mother-In-Law Missy

Veteran actress Sharon Lawrence takes on the role of Joe Pickett's manipulative controlling mother-in-law Missy who owns a substantial amount of territory and businesses throughout their region of Wyoming. Lawrence shines in capturing Missy ambition,arrogance and sense of entitlement through her performance. She fully embodies Missy haughty nature as an interfering thorn in Joe side who routinely tries to assert dominance over the Pickett family in her land disputes with Joe job.

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The Pickett Daughters - Sheridan, Lucy and April

Skywalker Hughes, Kamryn Pliva and Vivienne Guynn are the talented young actresses who play Joe and Marybeth Pickett bold and adventuresome daughters Sheridan, Lucy and April. All three showcase the sisters curiosity, independent spirits and penchant for disobedience that frequently lands them directly in the middle of their father Joe high-stakes criminal cases much to his chagrin. The actresses all shine in bringing out the distinct personalities of each Pickett sister.

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The Memorable Supporting Cast of Characters

Filling out the tense world of Joe Pickett are an array of supporting characters including Patrick Gallagher as adversarial local Sheriff Barnum who shares a contemptuous relationship with Joe. Roger LeBlanc plays wealthy rancher Hank Scarlett who employs Joe Pickett as his game warden. David Alan Grier is excellently cast as charismatic yet sinister local politician Vern Dunnegan whose ambitions impact the Picketts. These and more secondary characters throughout enrich the drama.

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The standout cast of Joe Pickett truly inhabits their gritty roles within C.J. Box fictional Wyoming setting. I cannot wait to continue seeing this talented ensemble bring both the majestic wilderness and unique personalities of this regional crime drama vividly to life when season 3 eventually drops. For me as a devoted viewer, the stellar acting makes the plight of the Pickett family feel real every step of the way!

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