06 Jan, 2023


Jersey girl Rachel Zegler is sporting a Yankees cap with tristate style

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Displaying her tristate style

Rachel Zegler is a Hackensack, New Jersey, native. Here she is, dashing around New York City this week at the dawn of 2023, showing off her tristate style.

Media Credits: Vanity Fair

She looked beautiful in this outfit

Her stylish long gray overcoat and Yankees cap complemented her petite frame and West Side Story ensemble.

Media Credits: EVOKE

Production is complete

It marks her second appearance since announcing she had completed production on The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes, the prequel to the Hunger Games.

Media Credits: Extra

An image was tweeted

Taking photos on the set of an opulent rotunda, she tweeted a photo of herself snapping the clapboard enthusiastically.

Media Credits: Nordot

Experience of a lifetime

It was a wonderful experience. And we are done. That's a wrap,' wrote the former YouTuber, who broke through to stardom in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.

Media Credits: NJ.com

Francis Lawrence directed the film

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes is directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four Hunger Games films.

Media Credits: HawtCelebs

A screen generation process

Rachel Zegler first caught my attention in West Side Story, and I knew I was watching a star who would go on to command a generation of screens,' he told Variety.

Media Credits: Trend Fool

Publication date marked

2020 will mark the publication of The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes by Suzanne Collins, the author of the original Hunger Games books.

Media Credits: Twitter

The timeframe of the story

During The Hunger Games, Coriolanus Snow is the iron-fisted leader of Panem, which is the dystopian land of Panem at the time of the storyline.

Media Credits: Kurier

Involvement of children

Coriolanus Snow, however, is merely a mentor in the Hunger Games, in which each district nominates two children for participation.

Media Credits: WinterlaComing.net

Almost a century later

She plays Lucy Gray Baird, the lead character from The Hunger Games series, a character who lived in District 12 decades later.

Media Credits: Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss

In the Hunger Games films, Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss, who became a global star, but she will not participate in the prequel because of the timeline.

Media Credits: Khas Khabar

Stunning singing performance

Lucy wows the crowd with an impressive singing performance, and Coriolanus becomes her mentor when she is 'reaped,' meaning selected as a contestant.

Media Credits: Empire

Shows him as an old man

As Coriolanus in the Hunger Games films, Donald Sutherland portrays him as an aged man played by Tom Blyth, an actor from the Gilded Age.

Media Credits: Empire

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