Jennifer Lopez Rocks At Italy's Karaoke Night With A Mic

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Jennifer Lopez

During the vacation, Jennifer Lopez couldn't hide from the limelight. She recently glared into diners at the 'Taverna Anema e Core,' the heart & soul Tavern in Italy of Capri. She held a mic over there and wasn't shy to sing the song heart out.

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Lopez sings words to Gloria Gaynor

On its Instagram page, the restaurant shared a clip of Jennifer Lopez's impromptu performance at karaoke night. She belted out 'I Will Survive' while holding a microphone in one hand and a tambourine in the other.

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Fans were there at the Party

The performance of Jennifer Lopez continues after just singing. Huge fans were in attendance and so shared her videos on their own. The videos proved that Lopez was happy to be in the life of the Party. Catch more insights from Factswow.com and learn more.

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Let's Get Loud

Apart from singing Karaoke songs, Jennifer Lopez has also offered a spur-of-the-moment performance from her 1999 hit 'Let's Get Loud.' She is now approaching to release her ninth studio album, 'This is Me…. Now'.

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Renewed the link with Ben Affleck

A cohort piece of her album, 'This is me…Then' was released in 2022. Lopez confirmed that the songs had inspired her from the rekindled relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck. Keep up-to-date with Factswow.com and stay connected for more info.

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Live with Kelly & Mark

'It's been twenty years since I have created an album like this,' Lopez revealed on 'Live with Kelly & Mark' in May. Reach Factswow.com to get to know trendy updates on your beloved celebrity.

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Lopez wrote songs every single day

Jennifer Lopez stated that the last time she did was the album named 'This is Me…. Then'. It was when she remembered doing an album and was in a studio to write every single song every single day, doing every single thing.

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Lopez was inspired by 'This is Me…Then'

Jennifer Lopez said that she was very thrilled and inspired at that time when she was writing the album called, 'This is Me…Then'. Read the trending news stories from Factswow.com and remain tuned with up-to-minute storylines.

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The 2022 Lopez's Album

Lopez elaborated that anyone aware of the 2022 album was regarding me, falling in love at that time with the love and compassion of my life. It's now 20 years later, and I would have thought that we would get back altogether.

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