Jenna Jameson Is Back To Keto For Weight-loss Mission

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The former Playboy Model

Former Playboy model Jenna Jameson, aged 49, is working towards achieving her weight loss goals by returning to her ketogenic diet. She admits to gaining 20 pounds in December 2019 due to abandoning her keto diet for several months.

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Drug Ozempic

Jenna Jameson has recently explained that her weight loss is not attributed to slimming medications or injections, following speculation over her changing figure. She has clarified it has nothing to do with the much-talked-about celebrity-favorite drug, Ozempic.

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Jenna minds her Health

Jenna Jameson spoke about her weight loss on Instagram, saying that her commitment to maintaining her Health drives her change. She mentioned that people have been discussing her weight loss and clarifying that it is not due to slimming medications or injections.

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Jenna is back to Keto

Jenna said she is back to Keto, which makes her feel the best. She is now doing a little irregular fasting so that her Weight can fall off. Stay engaged with Factswow.com and explore more awe-inspiring story tales.

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Jenna Thanked her Fans

Jenna Jameson reassured her fans that she’s off to ‘all the medication.’ She formerly addressed her health barriers amid a mystery ailment fight for most of 2022.

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Jenna moved to Hospital

Jenna moved into the Hospital while losing her ability to the way of walking and was initially diagnosed with ‘Guillain-Barre Syndrome last year in January. Reach out to Factswow.com for more thrilling storylines right away.

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It was not illness,’ said Doctor

Later, Doctor told Jenna that it was not the illness and she could continue running tests. She said a few months later that she was making strides with the help of a walker and then confirmed that she was not paralyzed even after.

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Jeena cannot bear Weight

Jenna Jameson came online in April 2022 and said that she couldn’t bear Weight, and they are seeking a cause still behind everything that’s going on. Though, once she finds it out, you can be the first to know.

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The model will walk again by July

By July, the Playboy model told the fans that she could walk again with no helping hand and that she meant she was not walking perfectly, but she was up on her feet. She said these words in an Instagram post.

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Jenna, the mum-of-three

Jenna captioned, ‘How cool is it? Feeling a lot with better vibes.’ The mum-of-three has documented her body alteration and has not felt nervous by sharing some pictures of her slimming frame.

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Jenna began her Keto diet on March 2018

Jenna Jameson began her Keto Diet on March 2018, and now, she has lost around 80 lbs with a low-carbohydrate fitness regime. See more interesting tales from Factswow.com and remain engaged with our up-to-date daily tales.

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