Bebe Rexha's Top Hits Of All Time!

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Bebe Rexha!

Bebe Rexha is the stage name for Bleta Rexha, who was given it as a young kid. She learned how to play the trumpet and guitar on her own and the piano. Bebe Rexha Songs examines the music of the well-known performer from New York City.

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Call You Mine!

World War Joy, The Chainsmokers' third studio album, was released in 2019. Bebe Rexha's vocal prowess was shown in that song, “Call You Mine,' as she added the unique operatic touch that she alone is capable of.

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Bebe Rexha, Machine Gun Kelly, and X Ambassadors performed the soulful ballad “Home” in a fusion of Kelly's rapping style, Rexha's operatic vocals, and signature pop-rock punch.

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Take Me Home!

In 2013, 'Take Me Home' debuted on a few international music charts. The song, which included a musical performance by Bebe Rexha and Cash Cash, is now frequently performed at athletic events. It is easy to understand why this song was and continues to be a fan favorite since it is full of electricity.

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I Got You!

The song 'I Got You' was published on October 28, 2016, and quickly rose to the top of the charts worldwide. This song is one of those 'friends support friends' songs because of the way Rexha delivers her vocals and the hip-hop style of the music.

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Back to You!

The song “Back to You,' which Bebe Rexha, Louis Tomlinson, and Digital Farm Animals worked on, became a worldwide smash and reached as high as number two on Malaysia's official music list and eight on the UK Singles list

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I’m a Mess!

The sole song from the album to be released as a single was Bebe Rexha's uplifting 'I'm a Mess,' which moderately charted internationally. I'm a Mess' platinum certification from Australia's ARIA demonstrated that its degree of success was far higher than the number of copies it sold.

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In the Name of Love!

'In the Name of Love' debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2016 at position number 24. The song, which combines Rexha's strong vocals with Garrix's DJ skills, has a futuristic feel and is heavily instrumented with electric bass, guitar, and piano.

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Meant to Be!

The song 'Meant to Be,' which Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line performed together, was their joint effort. The song also topped the US Billboard Adult Top 40, US Billboard Country Airplay charts, and the US Billboard Hot Country Songs list.

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