13 Apr, 2023


Jamie Foxx Admitted In Hospital For 'Medical Complication' But Family Confirms He Is In Recovery

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Jamie Foxx

According to his family, Jamie Foxx has experienced a 'medical complication,' although his daughter, actress Corinne Foxx, has reassured fans that his condition is already improving. 

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Corinne Foxx

Corinne Foxx shared the update on social media, stating that Jamie suffered the issue on Tuesday but received prompt and 'great care.' Sources with direct knowledge have confirmed that the condition was serious enough for Jamie to be hospitalized.

Media Credits: E!Online

Prayers For Jamie's Recovery 

Corinne also expressed the family's gratitude for the prayers and requested privacy during this time, acknowledging Jamie's widespread popularity.

Media Credits: NZ Herald

Unclear Medical Condition 

Details regarding how Jamie discovered the unspecified medical complication or whether he experienced any symptoms prompting him to seek medical attention remain unclear at this time.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Back In Action

However, it has been noted that Jamie has been actively working on a film called 'Back in Action' in Atlanta alongside renowned actors Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz.

Media Credits: MSN

Uncertain Return To Film 

The duration of Jamie's hospital stays and his potential return to the film 'Back in Action' remain uncertain. It is unclear how long he will need to remain in the hospital and whether it will affect his participation in the movie. 

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