Jade Roper's Tragic Miscarriage and Her Fight Against PTSD

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Jade Roper, a famous reality TV star, underwent a tragic miscarriage. People from the Bachelor Nation extended their support to Jade during these difficult moments. But we do know that it's not her first traumatic experience.

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The Heart-Breaking News

Jade Roper, a popular reality star, disclosed the news on her official Instagram. She told her 1.3 million followers that she had just had a missed miscarriage. It is when the body fails to acknowledge the death of the foetus. Jade's Response to the Loss Jade narrated her struggle to come up with words to explain her miscarriage. She went on to tell how she is heartbroken while dealing with the grief. Jade does say that they have felt blessed to be touched by his soul, at least.

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Jade Plans to Carry Her Unborn Boy

Jade says that the foetus’s heart and growth have stopped, but her body hasn't released the pregnancy. So, she plans to continue carrying her unborn baby boy, Beau, with pride. It is still a very saddening challenge for Jade.

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Jade Recalls Baby Beau's Memories

Jade posted a mirror selfie of her cradling the baby bump. It showed the good times of her pregnancy. She shared a shot with her husband's hands on her stomach. Jade has also revealed a sonogram of Beau.

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Support from the Bachelor Nation Community

The Members of Bachelor Nation were kind enough to support Jade. Sarah Herron, who suffered from the loss of her son, gave her condolences. They also said that Beau will always be loved and remembered. Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr also said that he was very sorry for her loss.

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Jade and Tanner's Love Story

Jade and Tanner fell in love in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. They both got married in a special episode of Ben Higgins's season of the ABC dating show in the year 2016. They both now have a family of three children.

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Jade's Challenging Pregnancies

Jade gave birth to her son Brooks in her bedroom closet as she went into labor early. That experience made her suffer for months later on. She recalls how she dealt with PTSD until her second pregnancy.

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Jade Recognised Her Postpartum PTSD

Jade revealed that after the traumatic labor, she started having flashbacks. She would feel dizzy and get Intrusive thoughts.She realized that her symptoms were due to postpartum depression. Jade also felt quite distant from her new baby, unable to connect. She also neglected herself.

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Jade's Healing Journey

Finally, she revealed all the mess to her husband and started getting treated with hypnotherapy. Jade says that hormonal changes helped her mood. She also gave herself a break to elevate her mental health.

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Jade Roper went through a traumatic miscarriage. However, Jade did set an example of resilience by overcoming her past PTSD and dealing with her current tragedy.

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