How J-Hope’s Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) Is Taking Over The World

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Calling all J-Hope fans! The beloved BTS star has taken the world by storm once again with the release of his Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) solo album. The original Jack In The Box was a hit in 2022 showcasing J-Hope versatility and talent. But this new HOPE Edition takes it to the next level with exciting additions that showcase why J-Hope is a global phenomenon. Read on to discover whats new and relive J-Hope historic Lollapalooza performance and find out how to get your hands on this hot new K-pop release!

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What is New in the HOPE Edition

Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) is far more than just a standard repackage. It contains three thrilling live recordings from J-Hope legendary headlining set at Lollapalooza 2022 allowing fans to experience his dynamic stage energy. There are also two new instrumental tracks highlighting the musical composition. The album also has special physical elements - newly styled concept photos, a poster, sticker, photo card and a QR code for exclusive content. It is a must-have collection For J-Hope devotees.

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J-Hope Historic Lollapalooza Performance

One highlight of the HOPE Edition is the live Lollapalooza recordings featuring career-defining hits like 'Chicken Noodle Soup', 'Hope World' and 'Jack In The Box.' J-Hope made history as the first South Korean headliner at a major U.S. music festival. He awed the crowd with his sharp raps, smooth vocals and kinetic dance moves. J-Hope also interacted with adoring fans solidifying his status as a charismatic global superstar.

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The Revealing J-hope IN THE BOX Documentary

Fans can watch the illuminating J-hope IN THE BOX documentary to further connect with J-Hope musical journey. It gives an inside look at his creative process, preparation and celebrations with friends and fans. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage spotlights J-Hope artistic passion. This film provides the ultimate backstage access for getting to know J-Hope on a deeper level.

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How to Get Your Copy of HOPE Edition

J-Hope devotees worldwide have multiple options for getting the HOPE Edition. You can conveniently stream it online via Prime Video which also features the documentary. The album is available for purchase on Weverse Shop with special fan perks. Visit your local music retailer for physical copies with random bonus items. Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) is sure to light up your life with hope!

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Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) lets J-Hope artistry shine brighter than ever. The new recordings and content give an enlightening look at a versatile global superstar on the rise. What is your favorite J-Hope solo song or performance? Share your love for this K-pop phenom and don't miss out on experiencing the HOPE Edition!

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